Dark skies loom over East Hampton Town Hall


The Town of East Hampton will attempt to pass a Rental Registry Law in November 2015. A Rental Registry Law will hurt local property owners, local businesses and our local economy on the East End of Long Island. We ask for your help in stopping this proposed law: Sign our Petition. Use your Social Networks..

Rental Registry Alert!
Town Board Votes to Adopt Rental Registry Law

December 15, 2015
Despite strong opposition the East Hampton Town Board voted unanimously to adopt the Rental Registry Law at its work Session on Tuesday December 15, 2015. The vote was put on the Meeting Agenda less than 24 hours prior to the vote. The timing was such that the public was not informed in advance.

No changes or modifications were made to the law that was the focus of the November 19th Public Hearing. The law will go into effect 10 days after it is filed with New York State.

In a separate Resolution the Town Board set the Registration Fee at $100.00 for a two year term.

Read the Rental Registry Law

OUR NEXT STEP is litigation. We will look to organize a team to guide the legal process. There is strength in numbers. We can fight this as a group. Send us your concerns, ideas and tell us how you can contribute to the legal effort. Our email address: PublicRelations@StopTheRentalRegistry.com

Check back often for updates. Please spread the word. Thank you.

Why It's Bad

Local businesses will lose customers. Homeowners will be burdened with paperwork, forms and multiple fees, and may face inspections, bed-checks, attorney's fees, fines upwards of $30,000.00 per day and jail time. Visitors to East Hampton who rent a home are exposed to fines through no fault of their own.

The Rental Registry Law provides Code Enforcement with "a tool" to do an end-run around the U.S. Constitution and the Fourth Amendment's prohibition on unwarranted searches.

The proposed rental registry law discourages all rentals, a bad concept for a community that is reliant on tourism. The effects of this law will hurt local businesses that benefit from our resort economy.

Vacationing families are at risk of getting caught in the cross-hairs of this overly agressive and punitive law and could face fines upwards of $15,000.00 through no fault of their own.

It is widely recognized that a Rental Registry Law will not achieve its legislative intent of addressing overcrowded year-round rentals and unruly seasonal share houses.

Homeowners will be held liable for the actions of their tenants; vacationing families will be held liable for the actions of their landlords. Presumptive evidence will be used to place homeowners in violation of this law.

The proposed rental registry law will create more transient, nightly, and weekend lodging in all hamlets; an unexpected consequence of a poorly drafted law.

Families and retirees who rent to make ends meet will suffer financially. The proposed law essentially criminalizes private property ownership rights.

The proposed law punishes many for the actions of a few. The Town will raise millions of dollars through fees and fines on homeowners who rent; a hidden tax.

Twelve urgent reasons to stop the proposed rental registry law are on our petition to the Town Board. Sign the petition today! Over 1,000 people already have. Together we can stop this law.

Take Action

Read The Proposed Law - Make your own decisions based on the facts. The Town's FAQ glosses over how this law can be used against law-abiding homeowners.    read the law . . .

Sign The Petition to the East Hampton Town Board with twelve urgent reasons to Stop The Rental Registry Law.   sign the petition . . .

Write to the East Hampton Town Board. Tell them why you do not want a rental registry in East Hampton    contact information . . .

Rental Registry Won't Help Stop Overcrowded Houses

So Says Town Public Safety Director

David Betts, East Hampton Town Public Safety Officer who presides over the ordinance enforcement department was interviewed by The Independent.

"How will the rental registry facilitate investigations into overcrowding or excessive turnover? It won't, according to East Hampton Town Public Safety Director David Betts."    read more . . .

Innocent Landlords May Be Held Liable for the Action of Their Tenants

Supervisor Cantwell Does Not Deny

Supervisor Larry Cantwell had this to say at the Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee meeting on November 9th, as reported in the East Hampton Star: "Some landlords have worried aloud that they will be held liable for violations committed by tenants without their knowledge" he said, " . . . The proposed law is flexible enough for code enforcement personel to "try to determine, based on the facts, who is responsible for whatever the illegality is".

Sign The Petition     Attorney Letter to Town Board    


Attorney Letter To Town Board Members

November 1, 2015
Elaine Harris, a local property owner and attorney, wrote a letter to the East Hampton Town Board. Permission has been granted to publish her letter on this website. The letter addresses problems with the proposed Rental Registry Law; Constitutional Rights, Property Rights, Self-incrimination, Presumption of Guilt, the Taking of Property Rights and more.   read the letter. . .

What You Can Do!

1) Sign Our Petition Now to Stop the Rental Registry Law.
2) Contact Town Board Members, tell them "No Rental Registry in East Hampton."
3) Write Letters to the Editors of our local papers.
4) Donate to help us raise awareness and stop this government intrusion.
5) Spread the word to family, friends and business associates that we need support, now,  to Stop The Rental Registry Law.

Rental Registry Revolt

A large crowd is expected at Nov. 19 hearing
Thursday November 5, 2015 - The East Hampton Star -  Joanne Pilgrim

A front page article in The East Hampton Star this week reports on the opposition to the Rental Registry. The article mentions our petition to the East Hampton Town Supervisor and the Town Board titled  "Stop The Rental Registry in East Hampton NY". The article quotes the petition: "Serious housing problems in East Hampton are mostly due to a minority of unscrupulous landlords. Affordable housing is scarce due to escalating real estate values. A rental registry cannot solve these problems."   read more . . .


Trouble In Montauk

October 29, 2015

Rental properties, as a group, are inappropriately being targeted as the cause of a drunken party scene in Montauk's business district and an excuse for a Rental Registry.    read more . . .

San Francisco said "NO."
Rental Restrictions Defeated

Wednesday November 4, 2015 - East Hampton

The Los Angeles Times reports Proposition F, the contentious San Francisco ballot measure that would have imposed tighter restrictions on short-term housing rental services such as Airbnb, lost by a sizable margin Tuesday night. The measure would have restricted the number of stays to 75 nights per year and would have required online services to remove listings that exceeded that number. Airbnb issued a statement saying the measures' loss was a win for residents who rely on the extra income from vacation stays to make ends meet. Patrick Hannan, campaign manager for No On F stated "City residents have rejected the devisive policies of Prop. F and demonstrated their support for the middle class San Franciscans who depend on home sharing to pay their bills and stay in our community."   Los Angeles Times . . .

Town Appointee and Local Librarian Caught Stealing Signs Against The Rental Registry

Monday November 2, 2015 - East Hampton

Watch the hot new video of East Hampton Town Appointee to SCAC and local Librarian Betsy Ruth stealing election signs that are against the proposed Rental Registry Law. A sad day in East Hampton NY. She was charged with petit larceny and must appear in court on December 2nd.    watch on youtube . . .

Read the Proposed Law

Read the proposed Rental Registry Law which, if passed, would add Chapter 199:Rental Registry to our Town Code. The Presumptive Evidence sections 199-1-4 through 199-1-7 are particularly overreaching and section 199-1-9 Penalties for Offenses are excessively punitive and can be applied to law abiding homeowners and visitors alike.   read now. . .

The Curbed.com Poll

Curbed.com ran a poll "Vote! Should East Hampton Implement a Rental Registry?" The No's have it by a long shot. Read what the voters have to say about the proposed Rental Registry.  go to Curbed.com

The Independent declares "The Registry in Southampton is, plain and simply, a flop."

The Independent 's editorial of October 21, 2015 stated: "Proponents continue to insist the Rental Registry law works in Southampton and frequently quote the "experts" there. This is utter and complete nonsense. The Registry in Southampton is, plain and simply, a flop. It was a waste of time. The only people who insist it works are the people who pushed for it."

Southampton's Failed Rental Permit Law

Southampton's rental permit law is widely considered a failure with a majority of property owners refusing to comply.

Van Scoyoc Advertises Rental Property Online

November 1, 2015

Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc, who supports the rental registry law has listed a new house for rent on VacationRentals.com. The house is located in East Hampton but listed as Sag Harbor under "Van Scyoc". This four bedroom home is available for a seven night minimum stay with a standard rate of $2,000 a week or $75,000 for the summer. The section About The Owner reads: "My husband works in town government, and our children were born and raised here in East Hampton. I've been a teacher in the local schools for over 25 years."

Former Town Attorney Says Rental Registry Would Not Solve Housing Code Violations

East Hampton Star - August 1, 2013

Establishing an East Hampton Town rental registry, and requiring landlords to inform the town about their plans, would not solve housing code violations, nor even give town officials the clout that had been hoped for when the idea was first broached. So said Patrick Gunn, a town attorney and head of East Hampton’s Division of Public Safety . . . "


Over 1,350 people have signed our petition.

Here's what they have to say:

"This law is unconstitutional. It is merely another form of tyranny. The government is interfering with private property rights. This is a form of eminent domain. I will sue. Elaine Harris

"Help stop the financial struggle of living in our town." Stephen Lynch Jr, East Hampton, NY

"35 years ago, as a young father with a family of 4 children, my wife and I could barely afford to spend 1 week in Montauk. That was the best week of the year! I was inspired and motivated to one day, have a house of my own. We love and appreciate our house now. I have many requests from young families looking to rent for less than 2 weeks. Unfortunately this law will not allow me to rent to these families, and they will most likely be deprived of their own wonderful memories of Montauk. The memories that we cherish!" Lawrence Opisso, Bay Shore, NY

"I don't think the rental registry is an answer to the problems in Montauk or to overcrowding and noise. If this passes, it will adversely affect the whole community in many ways! Marianne Kaufman, East Hampton, NY

"There are already zoning laws that address all the rental issues. The vast majority of owners comply with these rules and should not be burdened by the Town's inability to enforce its own laws." Joseph Kazickas, East Hampton, NY

"I don't feel it will be the answer because those renting illegally will not get a permit" cynthia ibrahim montauk, NY

"OVERKILL !!! - When Fort Lauderdale decided they no longer wanted the spring break crowd and insanity they ENFORCED THE EXISTING LAWS (arrests, bar counting, DUI, etc.) and the City let it be known that the raucous crowd was no longer welcome. The crowd then moved to Daytona Beach. Then Daytona did the same thing and the crowd moved to Panama Beach in the panhandle. Then the same thing happened and the crowd moved to Mexico and the Dominican Republic. This is the only HIGHLY EFFECTIVE means of creating the family atmosphere we all desire WITHOUT KILLING SMALL BUSINESSS OWNERS and the local REAL ESTATE MARKET. This is the most simple and effective approach. SAVE OUR TOWN !!!!"Ralph Bekkevold, Montauk, NY

"I'm a homeowner and business owner. This new registry does not benefit the best for my community. Let's put our heads together and figure a different approach." Lisa levitin, east Hampton, NY

"THIS IS ANOTHER TAX. You have a law on the books already. What happens to this information if a another government agency request this information." Denise PUCCIO, Montauk, NY

"My sister who lives in East Hampton has rented her house for many years to respectful and vetted families. This would be a disaster if you created a registry. Don't punish those because of a few bad apples." Jan Manthey, Madison, WI

"It is wrong to fine vacationers for the doings of others." Mary Wilson, East Islip, NY

East Hampton LOVES making laws! The town needs to get out of this mindset, because it is making it a much less pleasant place to live. Punish bad apples through the existing legal code!" Isabel Rose, NYC, NY

"The law is a poor attempt to address overcrowding already caused by inefficient enforcement of the current codes. The minority who break the existing laws will break any new ones. The Town needs to increase enforcement, not add layers of needless paperwork." Thomas Fantini, Amagansett, NY

"Giving EH town governance this power infringes on private property rights and opens the door for further encroachment and overreach. Do proponents actually believe pushing another law will magically solve what the myriad of existing ones do not? Kevin W, New York, NY

"I am a resident and do not want to be burdened with overwhelming paper work or my house to be searched without my permission. Shame on east hampton for even attempting to pass such a law.Alexander Firstein-Rudder, New York, NY

"As a registered voter I oppose additional regulations and fees on those who pay taxes. This is a revenue enhancing measure punishing those who pay taxes to support an increasing population that doesn't pay taxes but demands increasing services at our expense." Bruce Karp, East Hampton, NY

read more comments . . .


Petition Soars Past 1,000
Saturday November 14, 2015 - East Hampton
Our Change.org Petition soars past 1,000 supporters. Momentum is growing to Stop The Rental Registry.

Registry Backlash Goes Online
Oct 21, 2015 - East Hampton Press
Front page headlines announce the launch of StopTheRegistry.com    read more . . .

QUOTE of The Week
Oct 21, 2015 - East Hampton Press
"[The rental registry] creates serious financial risk.. for anyone who rents their home." East Hampton resident Tom Steele to Town Board at last weeks work session.

Curbed Hamptons Article Asks For Your Vote
Oct 21, 2015 - Curbed.com
"VOTE! Should East Hampton Implement a Rental Registry?"
   more at Curbed.com

Newsday Reports on StopTheRentalRegistry.com
Oct 22, 2015 - Newsday
"Town board members anticipated strong opposition to the proposal when they decided last week to schedule the hearing at a venue big enough to accommodate a large crowd."     read more . . .

Patch Reports Locals Against Proposed Rental Registry Law
Oct 23, 2015 - East Hampton Patch
Website created to ask residents to vote against the law.   more at Hamptons.Patch.com

StopTheRentalRegistry starts Petition on Change.org
Oct 20, 2015
Petition to East Hampton Town Board to Stop The Rental Registry nears the 100 mark in just a few days.     read the petition at Change.org


StopTheRentalRegistry.com was launched by concerned citizens and business owners working on a voluntary basis. We believe the Rental Registry Law will do more harm to our community than good. We recognize the need to resolve the issues of overcrowded year-round rentals and unruly seasonal share houses. The Rental Registry Law is not the solution. It is our mission to Stop The Rental Registry Law. This site was created as a public service. It is non-partisan. We are taxpayers, homeowners, business owners, visitors, tourists and shoppers. We are residents, parents, retirees, farmers, fisherman, artists and good law-abiding members of the East Hampton community.

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